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84-89 4 Runner Internal Roll Cage - Full Length
1984 - 1989 Toyota 4Runner Internal Roll Cage Full Length

84-89 4 Runner Internal Roll Cage - Full Length

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Part Number:5RIC
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  • Precision Engineered Roll Cage Kit
  • Superior Fit to Maximize Space
  • 1.75 x .120 DOM or HREW Certified Tubing
  • Roll Cage Kit Includes:
    • 1.5” Corner Tube Gussets
    • Tube Grab Handles
    • Laser Cut Upper and Lower Mounting Plates
    • All Mounting Hardware
  • All Tubes are Pre-Notched and Ready to Weld In
  • 2 piece B and C-pillars for low cost shipping
  • Ships bare steel, ready to paint with the coating and color of your choice.
  • Covers From the Dash All the Way to Just in Front of the Tailgate
  • Pre-Bent Dash Bar, Pre-Bent Harness Bar, and Frame Tie in Kit Also Available
4x Innovations is proud to manufacture the most precision engineered internal roll cage kit for Toyota 4Runner off road trucks. When you purchase one of these internal cages you are getting an unmatched fit to the interior of your truck. This superior fit helps save valuable space and head room inside the cab of your vehicle. You also get the choice of 1.75x.120 HREW tubing or, for the serious hard core wheeler, 1.75x.120 DOM tubing. Cage kits include corner tube gussets made of 1.5" tubing, tube grab handles, laser cut upper and lower mounting plates, and mounting hardware. All tubes come pre-notched and ready to weld in.

B and C-pillars are shipped as 2 pieces to save you money on shipping costs. Contact us for a shipping quote if you require a 1 piece B and C-pillar. 

For 84-89 4Runners, in addition to all of the above features the 5RIC covers from the dash all the way back to just in front of the tailgate. This version provides excellent coverage for your passengers as well as the cargo area. To view the passenger length only cage look for the 4RIC cage click here.

Also available for this cage set is a prebent dash bar, prebent harness bar, and frame tie in kit. See the related items below for more information about these items.

Want to see how it is installed? 4 and 5RIC kits include install instructions, which can be downloaded here. Also below is a time lapse install video! 

Are you still skeptical about the strength of this cage? We wanted to PROVE it's strength so we put a passenger length DOM cage with the dash bar and harness bar in a 4 Runner and beat on it. Here is a compilation of all rolls performed. Check out the full testing report here.

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